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Eye of Ghungir by veeronic Eye of Ghungir by veeronic
update; I have decided that this is not yet complete, details need improvement/editing, and spaces need to be filled.

"I served a powerful being, and it was from his eye that I was made. All that he sees, I in turn see. Do not fear me, perhaps you have met other sentient weapons before but do not relate me to them, they were made from and for hate, but my method and purpose of creation differ entirely. I am a guardian and so... was... my master. He swayed from his honor, not long after my forging, though neither of us foresaw it, and I was discarded, but I could not let my influence waver.

I eventually found the son of my former master, who sought to restore order once and for all. We have since waited, watching the events that have passed... but even my visions appear to have inaccuracies when it comes to one being... Craysta.

Her triumph over the greed of a misguided emperor. Her defeat at the hands of a worse evil and imprisonment. Her return and struggle with a dark being who threatened to consume her. The war of doomed souls where she broke their cycle and averted the ambitions of apocalypse but however lost her lover in the process... And her exodus to the wanderer world sentinel where she would revive who she lost and free the souls taken by her nemesis... who then returned but was still yet again defeated.

And now... they will be coming here soon... to the forge Yggdrasil, for the worst nightmare is yet to come..."

A brief history, told by the sentient spear; Ghungir

whats in this pic left to right;
Sentinal; a large fortress world, in disrepair its purpose is presently not fully known.

Earth, as the energy of souls is fed upon from heaval and helil. Its supposed to be backwards - its not our universe.

Ghungir - blade

Craysta - in a more casual state.

Drake (judgement state) - Craysta pretty much but before regaining her real body, in this scene she is gaining the upper hand against...

Nemesis - the dark manipulative and highly intelligent being that dwells within the sword of the same name, all it wants is vengeance.

Lokyr - he was never given the chance to design his own universe so he desires to erase the present one and start work on his own where all would mindlessly obey him.

The forge Yggdrasil - the place where the universe was designed and created... infinitely countless times.

Omyn - an enigmatic being of pure energy, it seeks to find the meaning of existance, not even it remembers where it came from...

Apocalypsis - revived and weakened but she still cannot relent, her enemy must die...

Young Zixodin - a copy from a time before he went mad... he looks to his older self wondering how that could possibly happen to him.

Old Zix - he is very very pissed that there is now another him. (look him up in my gallery, he's very complicated...)

Craysta (Battle) - yes I know its tiny but you can just make her out, imbued with the power needed to destroy Apocalypsis once and for all... or so she hopes.

Mjolnir (far left) I need to come up with a mythos for it.

and finally bottom center Ghungir's core and behind it... the twisted thing that now calls itself; "Undeniable"


less blurry and some minor additions, I think I finally perfected my reassembly technique.
MarratoKensuto Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
This is awesome :la:
veeronic Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
thanks, its the first one I've done as a mural and I'd say it came out pretty good, also some of those blanks spaces are there in case I feel like adding more later.
MarratoKensuto Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
You're welcome, YES it came out very good.
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